End of School Year 2023 - 1 shift

End of School Year 2023 - 2 shift

Mother's Day concert - 2023

Taras Shevchenko day concert

St. Andrew's Vechornytsi - December 2022

Christmas party

Mykolai - 2022

Autumn fête

Huge thanks to the parent committee of the Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Saturday School for grandiose planning and many days of preparation of the last night's Autumn fête! Children, parents, teachers and friends of our students had a great time!


While the kids had fun and danced to the disco, the adults enjoyed the barbecue, looked at the exhibition of the school students' autumn works and took part in the lottery. Lucky winners won great raffle prizes. In the charity photo zone, everyone had the opportunity to create unforgettable memories of the autumn 2022 in Manchester!


Dear members of the parent committee, thank you very much for looking after all of us every Saturday and surrounding us with your constant care.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you and your families good health, happiness and well-being and peace to Ukraine!